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$ 40pp – Two Courses – 1 mezze to share & 2 small dishes to share & 1 large dishes per person

$ 48pp – Three Courses –  2 mezze to share & 2 small dishes to share & 1 large dishes per person & 1 dessert per person



  • Hummus mezze with Turkish bread
  • Zuccihini & walnut mezze with Turkish bread
  • Atom mezze with Turkish bread
  • Babagannush mezze with Turkish bread
  • Muhammara mezze with Turkish bread
  • Cacik Mezze with Turkish bread


Small Dishes

  • Mediterranean baby octopus
  • House made filo cigard & mint yogurt
  • Halloumi Chips
  • Kadayif prawns served with muhammara mezze
  • Zucchini fritters & mint yogurt


Large Dishes

  • Sizzling Kofta with camembert cheese and confit onion, served with Turkish rice.
  • Karniyarik (stuffed eggplant) served with Turkish rice.
  • Prawn or Chicken Guvech served with Turkish bread
  • Adana Kebab – Specialty Turkish Lamb kebab served with a cacik mezze and flat bread.
  • Kizartma (fried vegetables served with Turkish bread) – vegetarian
  • Chicken Kebabs served with cacik mezze


  • Kunefe; two layers of crunchy kadayif pastry ­lled with cheese and baked until golden, served with icecream.
  • Baked Helva; smooth,creamy pudding-like tahini helva dessert cooked in the oven in a clay pot.
  • Baklava; desert pastry served with vanilla icecream and topped with Turkish fairy ‑floss